Our Workshops

Weekly Meet and Chat

These type of sessions will be for an hour, we talk about different topics and we answer your questions that could be about any technical or even non-technical field. Through it, you can meet programmers and discuss with us different topic, or you can only attend as listeners

Think Like a Programmer

Weekly meeting where we talk about data structures and algorithems

LeetCode Study Group

Weekly Meeting every Tuesday at 8pm. During these sessions, we select a problem from leetcode website and then we discuss the possible solutions and the complexity of these solutions. Sign up here to join us.

Career Preps Bootcamp

This 8 Weeks bootcamp of extensive classes which focuse on developing the required career skills of the participant, and enable them to get web development jobs.

Introduction to Programming with C++

3 Weeks course for learning programming for beginners in C++. The course will cover learning programming from scratch until participants are able to have good programming knowledge

Introduction to React

One week of extensive learning about the basics of react.

Dart for Solving Problems

Two weeks of extensive lectures about Dart programming language, during these lecture, we talk about the basics of dart then we discuss how to use it to solve problems.

6 Months Front-End Web Development Bootcamp

This is intensive 6-months front-end web development bootcamp for women. Read more about the topics which will be covered in this bootcamp.

Front-End Web Development and Business for Women

This is intensive 7-month front-end web development and Business for Women Program. Read more about it here.

She Codes Too Women Months Celebration

Join us for a day dedicated to celebrating and empowering women. Experience a diverse range of enriching activities focused on learning, networking, and fun. It's a day designed to inspire, uplift, and connect women from all walks of life. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of a supportive community and celebrate the achievements of women everywhere.