Who is behind SheCodesToo;

My name is Raghad, I work as a Software Engineer in UK. When I was a computer science lecturer in Baghdad, I observed female students being discouraged from developing their tech skills. This made me want to create a space for them to feel comfortable and empowered to become professional programmers. Hence I started She Codes Too initiative back in 2020, to helps young women who do not have sufficient programming skills to find a job. The teaching and supervision provided by this initiative will give women the necessary skills and confidence to pursue a career in tech.

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Meet the Team

Ibrahim Jamal

Project manager

As the manager of She Codes Too’s programs, Ibrahim is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organisation. He oversees programs development and implementation, resource management, team coordination, and strategic planning. Ibrahim ensures operational efficiency, manages resources effectively and contributes to the organisation's growth and strategic goals. Ibrahim holds a bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Management from UOITC and has two years of experience as an HR professional at Develda, Earthlink, and BFBM.


Patrick Atkinson

Technical Program Advisor

Dr. Patrick Atkinson, a senior software engineer at Nvidia with a doctoral degree in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, serves as the Technical Program Advisor for SheCodesToo. In this role, he brings his extensive experience and technical expertise to guide the organisation's technological strategies and development of programs. Dr. Atkinson provides invaluable advice, guidance, and innovative ideas to ensure that SheCodesToo's initiatives align with the latest industry trends and best practices. His contributions help maximise the impact of their programs, foster innovation, and empower individuals in the field of technology.

Aya Mohammed

Project Assistant

Aya, a recent graduate in Systems Engineering from Cairo University, has joined as the point of contact between staff and students for She Codes Too. Her role involves assisting in in-person class activities, ensuring seamless coordination of events, and providing continuous updates to the admin team. Aya is also responsible for the technical setup of online classes and actively gathers and updates relevant data for effective program management.

Mohammed Ali


Mohammed is the lead trainer of She Codes Too. He is a business information technology graduate with 3 years of front-end development experience. Mohammed is proficient at building interactive user interfaces, transforming complex data into clear visualisations, creating user-friendly apps and dashboards from data-heavy APIs. His passion for teaching web development has led him to become a dedicated front-end trainer and mentor for various organisations, guiding students on their path to becoming developers

Aya Salam


Aya is a trainer for She Codes Too. With over 3 years of experience in software development, Aya has played an integral role in numerous projects across various companies. Her coding journey began in 2019, followed by successful completion of the Re-coded Frontend Bootcamp. Aya is also a proud graduate of the JP Morgan Software Engineering Summer School. Subsequently, she assumed different roles, including Software Tester for one of UNDP Iraq's projects, and actively engaged as a women's rights activist in one of UNFPA's programs

Jaafar Mohammed

Teaching Assistant

Jaafar works as the Teaching Assistant for She Codes Too

Athraa Mohammed

Teaching Assistant

Athraa is a recent alumin of She Codes Too program and now works as the Teaching Assistant for She Codes Too