She Codes Too Success Stories: Meet Yasmin

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Yasmin Mohammed, fascinated by technology from a young age, felt unfulfilled in her academic role and was too distracted to start the tech journey on her own. In SCT, she found a structured path and community to guide her into her true passion. Now, she's working at Feed App. Read her very relatable story now.

Q: Tell Us a little about yourself. Describe your work/life before joining SCT

Hello, my name is Yasmin Mohammed and I have always been fascinated by technology and its potential to transform our lives. My journey into the world of tech started from a young age, where I found myself intrigued by the workings of websites and apps, spending countless hours learning bits and pieces about coding from online resources.

Before joining She Codes Too (SCT), my professional life was a blend of academic roles in the university and personal pursuits in technology. While I enjoyed my work, I couldn't shake off the feeling that I was not fulfilling my potential or following my passion. Outside of my job, I dabbled in coding through online courses and tutorials, which only deepened my interest in tech. However, without a structured path or community to guide me, progress felt slow and sometimes directionless. My interests have always been broad, but I lacked the formal training and portfolio to transition into a tech role confidently. Despite the initial hesitation, the realization that I wanted more from my career—more creativity, more impact, and more engagement with technology—grew stronger by the day.

Life before SCT was a mix of contentment and longing—a desire to bridge my current reality with my aspirations in the tech world. Joining SCT represented a pivotal moment, a chance to align my career with my interests and ambitions fully. It was a step toward not just embracing my passion for technology, but also transforming it into a tangible, rewarding career path.

Q: What was your experience like with She Codes Too?

My time at SCT was nothing short of extraordinary. From day one, the environment was nurturing yet challenging, designed to push us beyond our limits while ensuring we had the support needed to thrive. The curriculum was comprehensive, covering fundamental concepts of front-end development such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React. Each module was meticulously designed to build on the previous one, ensuring a solid foundation was laid before moving on to more complex topics.

The trainers at SCT were exceptional. Their expertise in front-end development was evident, but it was their passion for teaching and commitment to our success that truly made a difference. They were always available to clarify concepts, offer feedback, and provide encouragement. Their real-world insights and experiences added immense value, making the learning experience rich and relatable. Feedback on the trainers would be incomplete without mentioning their efforts to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment. They encouraged us to work together, learn from each other, and support one another. This sense of community was one of the highlights of my SCT experience, reinforcing the idea that technology is not just about code—it's about people.

Q: How has She Codes Too contributed to your career or positively impacted your life?

She Codes Too played a pivotal role in not just shaping my professional trajectory but also in transforming my life. The bootcamp equipped me with the technical skills and confidence needed to embark on a career in front-end development, fundamentally changing my professional outlook and opportunities. Post-graduation, the guidance on setting up a professional portfolio and effectively showcasing my projects was invaluable. The portfolio I built, featuring projects I worked on during the bootcamp, became my gateway to the tech industry. It allowed me to demonstrate my skills and the practical application of my learning in a tangible way, serving as a strong foundation for my job applications and interviews.

Leveraging this portfolio, I secured internships that offered hands-on experience and further honed my skills. These opportunities were crucial stepping stones, enabling me to build a robust resume and network within the tech community. The real-world experience gained through these internships was instrumental in preparing me for full-time employment in the field. The culmination of this journey was competing for a position at Feed App. The comprehensive training, projects, and support from She Codes Too provided me with the skills and confidence to stand out during the selection process.
I am now proudly working at Feed App, a testament to the transformative impact She Codes Too has had on my career. In essence, She Codes Too was the catalyst for my transition into the tech industry. It changed my life by providing me with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities to pursue my passion for front-end development and secure a position that aligns with my career aspirations.

Q: What’s next for you? ?

As I embark on this exciting new chapter with Feed App, I'm eager to apply the skills and knowledge I've gained through She Codes Too and my subsequent experiences. Looking ahead, I have several goals and aspirations for both the short and long term.

Q: Can you share any tips or advices for She Codes Too student?

Remember, the journey into tech is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient with yourself, celebrate your victories, no matter how small, and remember why you started this journey. The tech industry is vast, with endless opportunities to learn and grow. Keep an open mind, be willing to adapt, and most importantly, enjoy the process. Your dedication and hard work will pay off, leading you to a rewarding career in technology.

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