She Codes Too Success Stories: Meet Ula

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Meet Ula, a sales engineer turned web developer. Ula discovered a newfound passion for coding and found a supportive community through She Codes Too. She graduated from a 6-month front-end web development bootcamp offered by She Codes Too in October 2023. Read her story below to learn about her journey with She Codes Too and how she landed a job in the tech field at a big company like Baly.

Q: Tell Us a little about yourself

Hello, my name is Ula. I have a bachelor's degree in information and communication engineering. I have liked web development since college, and I learned it during that time. After graduating, I worked as a sales engineer, a career far from my interest and passion for web development.

Q: What was your experience like with She Codes Too?

I was following She Code Too on social media for a long time, and I wanted an opportunity to get back into programming. The SCT bootcamp was the best way for me to re-enter this field. I learned more than I expected to learn, I created my personal portfolio, books, website, and other projects that taught me a lot, and the trainer and all the staff were the most kind and intelligent people I met, they were more like friends, and they did an amazing job in this bootcamp.

Q: Tell us about your best memory with She Codes Too

My best memory has to be before the final presentation, with the other girls helping each other by correcting each other's code and practicing presentations. It was the most precious moment of the bootcamp to me.

Q: How has She Codes Too contributed to your career or positively impacted your life?

It helped me commit to code and learn as much as I could, code more than observe. Then, they helped me apply for tech jobs, get interviews, pass the interview, and finally get a job in the tech field in a big company with amazing developers who I learn a lot from daily.

Q: What are some of the bugs you encountered along your coding journey, and how did you debug your way through them?

Most of the bugs were in my final project. I coded a lot of messy code, but with my trainers' tips and help, I managed to simplify it in a way that I was very proud of. They were committed to helping me overcome the bugs.

Q: Can you share any tips or advices for She Codes Too student?

It's okay if anyone feels lost in their current career, especially if it's not aligned with their interests. Just find the best path you can take to come back stronger than before. Commit to it, practice daily, and make sure you are in the right environment surrounded by kind people because it’s crucial for self-development.

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