She Codes Too Success Stories: Meet Aya

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Uncertain about her career direction, Aya, a third-year bioinformatics college student at a university in Baghdad, found herself struggling to choose a path in the tech industry. Despite enrolling in many computer science units offered by her college and participating in multiple tech bootcamps, she remained unsure of where to focus. However, upon joining She Codes Too's six-month bootcamp in 2023, focused on front-end and career development, she not only received technical training but also benefited from mentoring, career development support, and job placement assistance. Through this, Aya discovered the clarity she sought. Today, she thrives as a full-time front-end developer, a testament to the transformative power of She Codes Too. Read her story bellow.

Q: Tell Us a little about yourself

My name is Aya Jafar, I’m currently a 4th stage bioinformatics college student at a university in Baghdad I joined many bootcamps before She Codes Too in fields like full-stack mobile application development, AI, and data analysis. I was confused about choosing the path I wanted to continue with for the rest of my career and SCT bootcamp helped me decide my final career path as a web developer.

Q: What was your experience like with She Codes Too?

I learned about SCT's new bootcamp from my friends who shared it on Instagram. Before that, I had already been participating in SCT Leetcode problem-solving sessions, which were incredibly useful. Unlike other bootcamps I had joined before, this one was different and special, and it had a significant impact on me. I worked on many projects during the bootcamp, but the one I truly enjoyed was the capstone project, where I chose to create a website for AI art generation. I received great and encouraging feedback from our trainers, which meant a lot to me.

Q: Tell us about your best memory with She Codes Too

My most joyful moment with SCT was during our capstone project showcase event. Witnessing the amount of love, support, and encouragement everyone offered to each other was a wholesome experience.

Q: How has She Codes Too contributed to your career or positively impacted your life?

SCT mentorship program, which was implemented during the final period of the bootcamp, was extremely useful. I was lucky enough to have a mentor who worked as an iOS developer at Google. My mentor helped me with mock interviews, and practiced data structures & algorithms to ace my interviewing stages. After graduating from SCT, I did many interviews with multiple companies and I was accepted into an internship with Baly as a Front-end Developer. Then, I got a full-time job offer from Aswar also as a Front-end Developer.

Q: What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on my graduation project, which will also use the same tech stack we learned in the bootcamp, aimed at offering multiple AI services for doctors. I will continue to explore opportunities and gain work experience until I find the best fit that will refine my skills, both technical and soft.

Q: Can you share any tips or advices for She Codes Too student?

Enjoy every moment of your journey and give your best effort to your assignments and your capstone project. It will undoubtedly refine your skills and bring you closer to your goals.

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